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Just catching up

on September 15, 2013

I do realize it has been some time since I have written. Let’s see school started a month ago YAY! I couldn’t have been more excited for August 5th to come. Out of the five children only one started school that day.  She started fourth grade this year. Let’s just say its going to be a struggle to get her to pass.  Went to parent/teacher conference already on Thursday and the is failing every class.  Funny thing is she brought home A’s and B’s last year, so I’m thinking it’s just a focus thing.


AnnJewelina on the first day of school.

Then on August 7th we put both teenagers on planes to send them back to their homes. It was great having them here. I had fun dying my child’s hair and had fun in the kitchen making bread and cookies. As for the oldest she was doing her summer reading for her junior year and her ROTC schedule.  Miss having the older kids around, we were able to do more things with them. Next summer right?


Cheyenne and her dad at the airport.


Ivy and myself at airport.

As for Kayleigh she is her usual self. She has started talking more which is great because she is almost three and doing things at her pace. Seriously the didn’t start walking till she was 18 months old. She does what she wants when she is ready. Love that baby.


Her little evil grin.

Will post more from our family picture day.  I do think everyone had fun that day.


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