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Spring has sprung

on March 22, 2014

So I have has some plants that I started growing a couple weeks ago. Ok so lets say I started over 60 little pots of vegies. What the heck was I thinking? Saving money is what. So I know I can freeze bell pepper strips and chopped up. I can also freeze chopped onion and carrots. I have never done fresh spices so it will be a first for me. But seriously if I can freeze all of this stuff think of the money I’m not spending every week for fresh vegetables. Now I will have to get tomatoes and lettuce from the store but that’s nothing.

Now I had some left over planters from my make shift garden two years ago so that helped. As for the rest I used Easter buckets that walmart has on sell for 97¢. Why not? Sure they may not be a strong as planters but if I can avoid spending $100’s of dollars to make my garden then I will. I have to charge a drill and make some drain holes in each bucket but that’s easy peasy.

Today I transplanted 38 of my vegies that were beyond ready to have some space of their own. Now I still have 20 pods that I’m waiting for them to start growing and then I have 18 pods of spices that I will need smaller planters for and I’m waiting for the other 10 jalapenoes and 10 bell pepper plants to get big enough to move. But its a good start and besides it gives some of the plants time to adjust to their New territory and the weather to get really nice before living out of the green house so I can have more room.




As you can see in the last picture the top shelf has the starter plants on it.  I hope I still have a green thumb and this works. I would really like to freeze my own vegies.


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