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Last Night’s Dinner

on May 4, 2014

So Friday morning while dropping off the other carrier’s papers (I deliver the newspaper for those who don’t know), I made the comment that I was going to make carnitas for dinner and that the recipe called for a beer.  Of course someone had to chime in a say you don’t use beer to make carnitas.  Well in one ear and out the other, personally it’s my kitchen and I make the choice of how I am gonna make something.  I read the recipe first and if has something in it that I know I wouldn’t like I move on to the next one.  Well I read this and to me it was simple enough and the pictures that were posted with it, just made it look yummy.  So of course I made it.  With my husband always being my trusty taste tester, I knew he would tell me if it was a pass or fail recipe.

Mexican food has always been a staple in my family, and now that I have married an “Italian beaner” (his words not mine because he is Italian and Mexican mix) I knew he would make a great taste tester for when I made Mexican food from scratch.  A couple of years ago I made tamales for the first time ever, and he loved them.  His oldest daughter said that I passed. I personally think I did one hella of a job on them.

So back to the carnitas…sure it may not be made the traditional way, and who ever said I was a traditional person. I love my crock pot, so when I find a recipe that says I can use it and make a wonderful dish for not one night but two, I am all over it. After all the cooking and then the shredding and then putting in the broil to get a “burn” on the meat, hubby was very please.  I was told I did a great job on the meat.  I really wanted to take some meat to the girl that made the comment and say see, taste, damn I’m good huh? But hubby said I needed to deflate my head and not give into someone who has no idea of my cooking skills, or in the case the blog that I got the recipe from cooking skills.

So I would have taken pictures but it was late, hubby just came home from his softball game and he was hungry, but you can tell from the link here in the pictures the meat look delish.  So take my word when I say this is a keeper here, plus with the extra meat you can make Carnitas Tamale Pie.  That’s what is for dinner tonight.


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