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First Order

I received my first order this week and I am so excited.  She even sent my a photo (see below) of how she set it up.  Rock candy was a success.  She is even thinking of using me again for Father’s Day and mini cupcakes.  It feels good to be able to share my love for baking and making candy with others.  I can’t wait to get more orders.  I promise I won’t let it go to my head.  I’m just happy that I can make other people happy with what makes my happy.

It’s a little blurry but as you can tell she put the packages in a vase with some flowers for a mother’s day event.  I’m so happy that she shared the picture with me.

This is all the little packages that are in the vase. 46 packages of bubble gum flavored rock candy.

One day I might go big but right now, I am enjoying doing the small things right now.  Especially now that summer is here, baking will almost impossible unless I bake at night when it’s cooler.  However rock candy is easy and doesn’t require heating the entire house up.  So feel free to order but please give me a week to two weeks notice.

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Last Night’s Dinner

So Friday morning while dropping off the other carrier’s papers (I deliver the newspaper for those who don’t know), I made the comment that I was going to make carnitas for dinner and that the recipe called for a beer.  Of course someone had to chime in a say you don’t use beer to make carnitas.  Well in one ear and out the other, personally it’s my kitchen and I make the choice of how I am gonna make something.  I read the recipe first and if has something in it that I know I wouldn’t like I move on to the next one.  Well I read this and to me it was simple enough and the pictures that were posted with it, just made it look yummy.  So of course I made it.  With my husband always being my trusty taste tester, I knew he would tell me if it was a pass or fail recipe.

Mexican food has always been a staple in my family, and now that I have married an “Italian beaner” (his words not mine because he is Italian and Mexican mix) I knew he would make a great taste tester for when I made Mexican food from scratch.  A couple of years ago I made tamales for the first time ever, and he loved them.  His oldest daughter said that I passed. I personally think I did one hella of a job on them.

So back to the carnitas…sure it may not be made the traditional way, and who ever said I was a traditional person. I love my crock pot, so when I find a recipe that says I can use it and make a wonderful dish for not one night but two, I am all over it. After all the cooking and then the shredding and then putting in the broil to get a “burn” on the meat, hubby was very please.  I was told I did a great job on the meat.  I really wanted to take some meat to the girl that made the comment and say see, taste, damn I’m good huh? But hubby said I needed to deflate my head and not give into someone who has no idea of my cooking skills, or in the case the blog that I got the recipe from cooking skills.

So I would have taken pictures but it was late, hubby just came home from his softball game and he was hungry, but you can tell from the link here in the pictures the meat look delish.  So take my word when I say this is a keeper here, plus with the extra meat you can make Carnitas Tamale Pie.  That’s what is for dinner tonight.

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Almost Done

I stopped working on this website for a few weeks.  I know, I know, what was I thinking?  Well I needed a break and I really needed to figure out what I really wanted to sell. You just don’t realize how much work goes into something when you are doing it all by yourself.   So now two long weeks later, I am almost done.  YAY!!!!

I just need to add some more details to the Truffles, explaining what each is.  I’m hoping that it is more user friendly.  I would like some feedback if anyone is willing to do so. I would like to know what you think.

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Need Some Help

Need some more likes on my Facebook page.  Who is willing to help me out?  Any of my followers just want to hit the like button and just follow my page?  It would mean a lot to me, I would like to get more people who are trying to do the same thing that I am so that we can share and support each other.

Comment your links or Facebook page and I will like your page and post it on my wall to show support.

Also who has Instagram and needs or wants more followers?  You can follow me on Instagram @treatsbyangie78.  Follow me and I will follow back. Show each other support.

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Rebuilding my web page

So I have been changing some things up.  I do like doing cake pops and truffles, but I don’t want to overwhelm anyone with all of the flavors.  At first I had 12 basic and 12 seasonal flavors and sure that doesn’t seem like a lot because you have a specialty flavor every month along with the 12 basic, but then again it is.  Well to me it is.  So I cut it down to just 12 basic flavors to choose from.. I may still add a page of seasonal flavors but for now while this website is under construction, I’m sticking to the basic 12. 

The rock candy flavors are growing.  I want to be able to offer all flavors and soon I will be able to.

I’m working on what flavors of cupcakes I would like to make, and of course those will be coming soon, but those are for local pick only.

I’m not sure if I would like to keep the cookies on the menu.  That is something I will have to work on.



Here is the link to my website if you want to check it out.

This rebuilding of this page is taking longer than it did to build it the first time.  Boy what did I get myself into?

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Spring has sprung

So I have has some plants that I started growing a couple weeks ago. Ok so lets say I started over 60 little pots of vegies. What the heck was I thinking? Saving money is what. So I know I can freeze bell pepper strips and chopped up. I can also freeze chopped onion and carrots. I have never done fresh spices so it will be a first for me. But seriously if I can freeze all of this stuff think of the money I’m not spending every week for fresh vegetables. Now I will have to get tomatoes and lettuce from the store but that’s nothing.

Now I had some left over planters from my make shift garden two years ago so that helped. As for the rest I used Easter buckets that walmart has on sell for 97¢. Why not? Sure they may not be a strong as planters but if I can avoid spending $100’s of dollars to make my garden then I will. I have to charge a drill and make some drain holes in each bucket but that’s easy peasy.

Today I transplanted 38 of my vegies that were beyond ready to have some space of their own. Now I still have 20 pods that I’m waiting for them to start growing and then I have 18 pods of spices that I will need smaller planters for and I’m waiting for the other 10 jalapenoes and 10 bell pepper plants to get big enough to move. But its a good start and besides it gives some of the plants time to adjust to their New territory and the weather to get really nice before living out of the green house so I can have more room.




As you can see in the last picture the top shelf has the starter plants on it.  I hope I still have a green thumb and this works. I would really like to freeze my own vegies.

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You’ve Received a Flipagram!

2013 Memories #flipagram made with @flipagram
Music: Britney Spears – perfume

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Fall is here….


As you can see at 7 am this morning it was a little chilly. Now in my house the cooler weather means baking season is upon us. And all I can say to that is YA!!!! I love baking. Not only does it warm up the house and make it smell great, fabulous things come from the oven.

So that means my friends and family will be getting snack bags with goodies inside. And my dear husband will be taking platters to work for the crew to test taste.

Ready to start putting Halloween decorations up. I already changed out my subway art to the Halloween themes. Next is window clings. Then in the up coming weeks the outside lights and decorations. Oh the fun.

I hope everyone is ready to enjoy the beautiful changes that are coming, and let’s not forget the much cooler weather. I know I am.

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